6 UnKnown Facts About Me

I have been tagged by Jun.Anteola (thanks). It would be cool to say something about my past. Originally, the rule says it must be 10, but I can only think of only 6. See, how less than ordinary my life is? *winks*

Each player of this game starts off by making a web log post, listing ten(10) weird things/habits or little known facts about himself/herself, then tagging six(6) other bloggers to do the same.

1.) I grew up thinking that the world is flat and that at the far end, you can see nothing but an abyss.

2.) I was once Ms. Peek-a-Boo. One day, a classmate told me to stop wearing my t-back because it unintentionally “peeks”. The old conservative folks seated behind me (in my MBA classes) were disturbed.

3.) I give trust freely to people even if they are just acquaintances. I am not analytical in dealing with people. I take things at its face value.

4.) While doing my “cooling down” routine at the gym (just the other night), I loudly farted. Worst? I was chatting with another gym member. I was mortified.

5.) I went to Marawi City (the land of Muslims) alone, when I was 16 year old. I enrolled in Mindanao State University, but later decided not to. My parents were so scared for me.

6.) I once had an eating disorder (just about 3 years ago). Too obsessed with my body. I was underweight. I had days without eating, only water.It was like famine. But now, I am more than healthy.

Phew! Done! Not tagging anyone…feel free to answer.


Due to Jun’s request, Im putting some of my HS memories.

7.) I was a NOBODY in high school. I was an “api-apihan”. It’s the part of my life that I don’t want to look back. I was on the verge of getting an honor, but my English grades (especially public speaking) hindered me. The good thing about being in an A-1 section is, having the chance to apply for academic scholarships even if you got no medal around your neck. I was automatically one of the top 10% of the graduating class. I applied for scholarships (UP, Ateneo de Manila, De La Salle University, Mindanao State University, and Xavier University). I took the exams and, luckily, passed all of it. But since XU is nearest to home, I enrolled there.

8.) College was the start of a real life. At long last, I experienced to be a Dean’s Lister. The best of my student life.


11 thoughts on “6 UnKnown Facts About Me

  1. parang Rated K feature on Chuck… bitin. hehe.
    we’re the same at number 3, Tingting. my attitude in dealing with people is, “what you see is what you get”, and i trust that they do the same, too.

  2. Come on, Jun. It’s not bitin. LOL! Actually, I can not find anything interesting about my life. If there is, it would be about my work and my “escapades” in dealing hard-headed “puti”. Some officemates know this site. 🙂 Better discreet, than sorry.

  3. Oo nga Chuck, wala namang amoy pag malakas. 😆

    how about high school, Ting? hehe. people have the best memories in high school daw. malay ko, it seems like i bypassed that phase. hehe.

  4. Oh… okay… I can un-pinch my nose now and dig you out of the hole you hid yourself in after you made that loud fart… bwehehehe! 😛

    (to self)… “don’t laugh too hard… might fart myself…” 😀

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