Getting my own domain is a milestone for me. I don’t usually use my credit card online. The last time I did it, it was almost three years ago. I am just too afraid of hackers and phishers, waiting for their next victim.
$15.00 is not at all big. I mustered all my nerves and took the plunge. Tadaaa!!! You are looking at http://www.rimart.net now!


10 thoughts on “Rimart.Net

  1. Hey! Hey! Hey!

    “RIMART.NET”!!! Congrats! Di ka “dot comer”… “dot NETer” ka na! Bwehehehe! Hmm… always wanted to get my own domain but never really thought it through… maybe soon.

    Palampasin ko muna ng ilang weeks… baka sabihin ng isa diyan “gaya-gaya” ako… bwehehehehe!

    Uy… Congrats ulit sa new domain mo! 😛

  2. Salamat, Chuckie!!! I preferred dot-com, but somebody owned it already. No choice.

    Hellerr…not “gaya-gaya” at all. Get your own domain na. It’s not something unique naman ha. Besides, with the money you are earning, 15 bucks is just peanuts.

  3. Oh yeah, Pete. You are right.
    I used to have a blog at friendster, but i stopped updating it. it’s too messy. i do not like the ads and all. but it’s a good place to rekindle friendships with long lost friends and high school classmates.

  4. Ting,
    I finally saw your blog. Very cool!
    Anyway if you plan on maintaining the domain name i suggest paying for the ten years upfront. It’ll save you money in the long run.
    Have fun with the new blogsite, you’re good at it.
    – Lee

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