Green Is In!

After a year, I have decided to change my blog’s template.

Since I am a nature lover, I want my site to depict the “green” in me. Now, green is in!

Well, I did an hour of digging into my archive just to look for a picture that “pictures” my personality. To my relief, I bumped to this very tranquil photograph (as shown in my header) taken somewhere in Bukidnon. Picture perfect!

My grandest thanks to Michael Koch for permitting me to use his image (the pretty brown lass) in my previous template. Yes, I emailed him about it. He signified his consent as long as it will not be used in any profit-oriented activities.I stayed true to my promise.

Also to my avid readers (mostly from my blogroll), special mention to Chuckie Dreyfus and Jun Anteola. You rock, guys!

Speaking of Chuckie, he will be featured in Korina Sanchez’s Rated K” (ABS-CBN) tomorrow, along with other child stars ages ago (sorry chuck..he he he). I am giddy to watch it!


7 thoughts on “Green Is In!

  1. Wow! Green…! Does this reflect the color of your mind as well? Hee-hee! 😛

    Giddy to watch “Rated K” eh? Hehehe… I’ll probably post the feature later after it airs and I digitize the VHS copy. I hope my player doesn’t eat the tape cause it’s been acting quirky lately.

    Congrats on your new theme! Finally, after a long spell… you’ve decided to redo your blog. Sure ka na ba diyan?! Baka naman after a few days, palit ulit! Hehe… parang ako! 😛

  2. ahehe! di ba it is quite ironic na u’re an environmentalist working f0r ****?

    la lang, n0thing pers0nal, classmate bya ta hs per0 n0 matter the safeguards, *** is *** man gud…hehe

  3. Well, a little bit of “green” wouldn’t hurt. LOL! It keeps me sane. I’m sure, ikaw rin…Bwahaha!

    I only knew two persons who change a lot, YOU and JUN! Bwahaha!!! Parang babae, changeable minds.

    Thanks Pal!

  4. ngyah! nabanggit na naman bigla ang pangalan ko… nananahimik ang tao eh! 🙂

    i like your header a lot, congrats!

    Ting, is **** taking measures to at least minimize harm to the area?

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