Kris Aquino, Kris Aquino, Kris Aquino

I am kinda sick and tired hearing about Kris Aquino’s topsy-turvy life in prime time news (and even in a human-interest kinda show like “Rated K”). Everything is just sensationalized.Not only it creates media hype, but it intensifies the existing battle of TV stations (ABS-CBN and GMA-7).

Come on guys, leave her alone. She maybe a very public personality, but she deserves some privacy….and this is the best time to give it to her. She is in her most delicate period of her pregnancy.

If the news is true that she left James Yap for good, I will surely be jumping with joy now. He is just causing her pain.


More of the story here.


11 thoughts on “Kris Aquino, Kris Aquino, Kris Aquino

  1. I’d say she leave James Yap also, but that’ll have to wait till she gives birth. It’s not like James is some incorrigible womanizer along the likes of fellow “baller” Joey Marquez, but having been hurt several times before, pride should take precedence over sentimental hoo-hah.

  2. Just finished my taped interview for a feature on “Rated K” scheduled to air this Sunday. The crew just left. Remember when “Rated K” did an exclusive interview on Kris and James? There was actually more to it than what people saw on edited tv. We were talking about it earlier with the Rated K staffers during our interview breaks since they were the ones who were there also during the actual taping. “Chismis Galore” misis ko… bwehehehe. But I don’t think it should be mentioned here sa comments section. Sa email na lang, Ting. or sa IM… Hehehe… 🙂

  3. Chuck, do you work for “Rated K”?
    Hihintayin ko chika mo ha….Oiisttt email mo na lang. Alam mo naman email addies ko, diba?
    Basta, sana makipaghiwala na si Kris kay James. What he did is unforgivebale.

  4. ako din, chismoso. sali ako. bwahaha.
    ito lang ang pinag uusapan ng mga kasamahan ko while we did our outreach yesterday. hanggang nag uwian kami, kris and james and hope pa rin.

  5. Well. at least Kris is still alive unlike Anna Nicole. With all the hype with the media about the lives of celebrities it kinda makes you wonder why people are so into them. Must be because we need a temporary escape from our own routine lives?
    What the heck am i talking about, wala naman akong routine, if you call coffee breaks a routine. lmao.

  6. i am getting tired of kris aquino’s supposed to be ” open life story”. so what if she will leave her husband. my sympathy actually goes to james yap kasi he is the victim of circumtances. okay lang james, lalaki ka naman eh! at least u tried very hard to explain your side although sa aking paningin malabo pa rin. u can not match her “intelligence” she knows how to manipulate the public but time flies so fast. malalaos din sya. its good if she still there on the top for 3 more years, if ever james mag ipon ka na para may sarili ka ring pera when the time comes. at next time, think 100X before u marrying somebody again. wag titingin sa pera o fame ha! hay naku!!

  7. When will she ever learn her lesson? Walang kadala-dala. Kawawa naman si Tita Cory-puro sama ng loob lang ang ibinibigay ni Kris sa kanya. Now that her mom is sick, she owes it to her to lie low once and for all. Relationship, obviously, does not agree with her.

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