After the dust settles…

As I was reading my daily dose of visa information in a forum (of which I am a member), I happened to browse a particular story of a Fil-West marriage. The title (After the dust settles…) is very dramatic so I thought at first that it was just another over-acting and bragging tale in the forum. As I scanned the script, my heart started pounding fast. I felt the pain of the author for the simple reason that I could never imagine myself being in his shoes. But you know, I always like stories of hope and inspiration. I thank the author, NotARockStar, for sharing a part of his life to people who are not personally known to him.


Most of you won’t know my whole story, but this where I’m at now. I just felt like sharing… So, here goes…

I’m so relieved that my wife & I are getting along now. I’ve never been so down in my life… close, but not that bad. I couldn’t believe the things that found out. I honestly gave up… completely broken. I threw in the towel and filed for a divorce… all I had left to do was sign & it would all be over by the end of that week. The judge would’ve waived the waiting period, due to my case. The pen was on the paper… and I barely stopped. I prayed instead. I went home… no tears left in my tear ducts. I literally was a zombie… operating only on caffeine and resentment. My skin felt dry… wrinkles were starting to expose themselves on my face… I was getting so thin, from not having an appetite.

A few weeks passed so quickly… it’s kind of a blur now. That’s when things started to change. What’s this??! We started to have a few good moments! They were few & far between… but it was enough to rekindle a very SMALL spark. I even fought it for awhile. I did not want to like this woman, but maybe God had other plans.

A few more months of rough sailing, and we finally reached a somewhat calm sea… finally, a MARRIAGE. Six months ago, there was no way I’d ever believe this was possible, after what she pulled. Anyways, we’re still working through it… but I’m really starting to love my wife again… and the hardest thing, learning how to forgive her.

Ya know something? Before I met her, my prayer was for God’s will & to use me however he would… no matter what it was, I would accept it. I still don’t know what the reason was for all of this, but I do know that a lot of marriages these days, aren’t what they should be, according to the bible. So, I guess God had proven to me, that we really can work through any marriage problem, as long as we rely on him for strength and courage.

In a time where everything seemed against me… God was there. With nearly everybody I was close to, urging me to “get out” & “move on”… God told me “Stay”. With some of my own family members telling me “there’s no future in this marriage”… God told me “Trust me” & “I would never give you something you can’t handle”.

My wife & I still have a lot to accept & change together, but NOW I know God will be there.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might find encouragement in it. If my bad experience can help save just one more marriage… then, I’m glad to have gone through what I did, in honor of God.

Note: Permission to copy this post was granted by the author (NotARockStar).


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