Manny Pacquiao for Congressman?

When the news reached my ears that Manny Pacquiao indeed filed for his candidacy for a congressional slot in South Cotabato, I could not help but shivers and give my most sarcastic smirk. Sure, the man is a hero. He is a Filipino pride. But Manny Pacquiao as congressman? It is like saying, “Bakekang crowned as Miss Universe”.

With the kind of (dirty) politics that our country has, let us expect a tarnishing of a hard-earned reputation and a crumbling of a dream.

Funny thing, when he was interviewed in a morning show, he constantly said, “kami..kami..kami” and not “I”. Isn’t it obvious? Some people suceeded in sweet-talking him of joining the band wagon. He may be a great boxer, but this does not exemplify excellence in other fields, like politics.

I really hope that he will change his mind and retrieve his candidacy. It is never too late to save his name.



7 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao for Congressman?

  1. Ting I say elect him for president…yes I agree politics is an business in the Philippines but maybe something good could come of it.

    Stranger things have happened Right?

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  3. Manny is the answer for the development in south Cotabato ,With his
    sincerity,generosity,Giving Health Benefits & financial assistance to the
    Poor masses in his district is very rare,Only few has the HEART of manny to the Masses,Only very very few could do what Manny does with sincere determination to serve his district. With his Worldwide popularity,He could bring Foreign investor to South Cotabato.With his closeness to Malacanang, Budget Development for his district would be Easy,His first Bill equivalent to “ALI congressional BILL” here in
    U.S. will be his first Resolution in Phil Congress, Is that not HONORABLE to protect the boxers from Exploitation by Local Promoters. He got the staff/lawyers/speechwriter, like What former
    Pres Corason Aquino is doing. Cory is reading her CODIGO when She
    deliver her speech…….I don’t believe Manny could not make deliveration in the HALL OF CONGRESS, Therefore We will support
    our World Pinoy Sports Hero, SUPPORT MANNY ALL THE WAY.

  4. … and where did Cory bring us to? in fairness to her, she was THE ONLY way out of a grimmer scenario. there was no other option.

    the problem with Manny running for a congressional seat is that, given the culture in that body, he’ll be left to the sidelines, literally out of the arena. he could have run for a lower position, where he can be MOST effective.

    i wonder who’s behind all this? whoever first suggested to Manny the idea should be made a punching bag by aspiring boxers in Cotabato.

    it’s up for the electorate to decide anyway.

  5. Manny got talent on politics. He is always two faced anyhows he let 90 percent of the filipino believe that he is a hero. But all he do is make himself famous and richer. I dont see him as a hero but just another good athlete who pleased people so he can sell his own clothes and paid for his commercial on different companies. The real heroes are forgotten cause lots of filipinos got to close on media we lose our innocent and culture but no one cares as long as we are always proud even lots of our decisions are wrong.

    Oh i like manny for being rich but i hope he will just be humble and just shut up with his millions of dollars and be content about it. Because right now he is the next ERAP.

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