Tanker Explosion in Zamboanga del Sur, An Act of Terorrism?

Yesterday, I heard about the news while riding a taxi heading home. The driver tuned in to a local radio program, wherein they featured the shocking incident that curtailed more than 50 lives. As what the commentator narrated, the tanker, carrying liquified carbon dioxide, lost its brake along the way. Instead of endangering anybody, the driver decided to hit the side of the mountain. In the spirit of Filipino “bayanihan” (or for some, just being nosy), the passenger bus and other motorists gave a halt nearby. Before, anybody could run away from the scene, the tanker exploded like a bomb (with a radius of 500meters) killing some instantly.


Right now, the Philippine authorities are eyeing any evidence linking the tanker explosion to terrorism. Well, I better stop typing now because I may say something better-left-unsaid.



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