“We Serve and Protect”

This mission will just remain meaningless texts for most Filipino. No substance at all.

I abhor the Philippine National Police for having such a crooked system in dealing with “small-time” cases (like snatching and hold-ups) in the country. Such is treated with minor attention and response. With this, I do not entrust my safety and security to them. Some (or should I say, most) of them are part of these petty crimes (not to discredit the good ones).

Why am I saying this? I am talking based on experience. I was a victim of a (bag) snatching incident just early this week. If I haven’t called my uncle (a local politician), my case will surely be unheeded. After two days, the renowned snatcher (he’s been going in and out from the rehab; he is a minor) was arrested and my belongings was recovered. The snatcher pleaded guilty and informed us that he already returned two mobile phones and one digital camera to the police station (a different precinct from where I filed my complaint) where he was detained. The policemen on-duty denied it and said that they only receive one cellphone (an old model) and a digital camera. That night, I received an inside information from a neighbor (who is also a policeman of the same area) that the other cellphone (a new model) was already sold to a certain Muslim buyer by (guess who?) a certain policeman. Really disgusting!

I do not know whom to blame. Is it the national government for giving them very low salary; hence, resorting to other income-generating activities? Is it the superior-in-uniform who protect criminals; thus giving an undesired example to their subordinates? Take your pick.


4 thoughts on ““We Serve and Protect”

  1. I’ll consider both of these, and more. But I wouldn’t say these policemen are given low salaries, their case has improved and if ever they need more, it’s mainly to maintain a lifestyle incongruent with what they are earning. But again it’s no reason for them to abandon their oath.
    My office was robbed once, and all the police could do was write it on the blotter. Others I know of have similar stories, and got their belongings, either in whole or in part, and sometimes in exchange for cash, only after asking for help from “somebody up there”.

  2. Jun: Nice to see you again here. You nailed it. There is no better explanation than saying that the MAIN reason is “living beyond their means”.

    With that dreadful experience, I wish I am 5,000 miles away from here (hopefully).

  3. Other than the fact that these men in uniform are indeed underpaid to say the least… it has also become second nature to them to abuse their authority which I believe also comes from the fact that not so long ago, during the Marcos regime, policemen were given full power by our former dictator to act and do as they please. It has stemmed from there and is, sad to say, the practice of most officials until now.

    Everytime I see a policeman approach me in traffic (or at least seem to walk my way), I get edgy and overstrung, feeling that the officer just wants to make a quick buck on my expense. I have lost complete trust in our friends with badges.

    The only probable cure for this, other than to ultimately raise their wages substantially, is for our Chief Executive to totally revamp the entire police force from the ground up… no exceptions. To completely rid the system of its old ways.

    Till then, we’ll always question ourselves na “baka hindi pa nanananghalian ang pulis” or “baka may kabit si pulis na sinusustentuhan” kaya laging kumukubra. Hehe! 🙂

  4. Chuckter: Very well said, Mr, Chuckie Dreyfuss. We, Filipinos, have these bad impressions with our police force (including the armed forces) only because it’s is very prevailing. Usually, it’s the neophytes the uphold the good values and stay true to there oath.Well, I am hopeful though that it will change for the better.
    Thanks for dropping by.

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