10 Ways of Living Longer

I want to share to you a very informative read that I browsed at Forbes.Com. This happens to be one of my favorite site.

1. Don’t oversleep.
So you think having those long hours of beauty sleeps will do you good? Well, think twice. Less than four hours of sleep is bad either. Required is around 6-8 hours a day.

2. Be optimistic.
Optimism guarantees a stress-free life (perhaps, lesser of it) and a sound mind in dealing with all adversities in life. Not only that, it radiates beauty from within.

3. Have more sex.
At least now I know why “bitter spinsters” exist. Not getting laid, being always in a bad mood.

4. Get a pet.
Having a pet especially a dog relaxes the owner, and is less prone to any heart illness.

5. Get a VAP
Vertical Auto Profile, that’s VAP. It is a test that provides data of a patient’s heart disease risk up to the very minute detail.

6. Be rich.
When you got the cash, you can always choose to live healthy. If you have no money, tendency is, you settle to what is there. No choice.

7. Stop smoking .
“Smoking is–for all but some exceptional subjects–incompatible with successful aging and compromises life expectancy even in extreme longevity,” the study states.

8. Chill out.
Avoid stress. Don’t make big fuzz about something immaterial. It will only add up a year to your age.

9. Eat Your Anti-oxidants.
Ummm, this needs a scientific explanation. Sorry. I do not know how it works. I just read it in the advertisements.

10. Marry Well.
This is not about hitting the “jackpot”, like marrying a tycoon or whatsoever. For a man who have plenty of fish to choose from, choose a lady whose grandparents are still living. It runs in family, so to speak.


Source: http://www.forbes.com/health/2005/03/02/cx_vg_0302feat.html


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