My Year Ender

My heartfelt gratitude to my ever-loving husband, who is never tired of understanding his fickle-minded wife. You can be assured of my undying commitment. Sorry for the time, when I erred and hurt you so bad. It will never happen again. The day we took our vow is the most wonderful and fulfilling day of my life. Thank you for loving me and Amber unconditionally.

My heartfelt gratitude to my family, who never left me hanging in the air. I may sometimes act like a bad daughter or a sister, you still accept me for who I am.

My heartfelt gratitude to my previous Boss, who will soon leave the country for good to start a new (and stress-free) life in Siam. Thank you for being a dear friend to me and the rest of your people. You never cease to support us in times of mistakes and misfortune. You will always remain the strong-willed and smart (not to mention, extravagant) Boss that I know. Take care and enjoy your life in Siam. I hope that you will find your love soon.

My heartfelt gratitude to my current Boss, who is ever-softspoken and kind to his people. We may have been working for just a few months, but I have learned to accept your ways and find them very good. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.

and lastly,

My heartfelt gratitude to a prominent yet humble lady, who I met only once (during my first and last interview before I was hired) and whom I never thought had helped me took my first step in this long and winding path that I am struggling to finish. You may not know this, but my previous Boss told me so. The simple information you shared to him turned out to be the final decision. Thank you, thank you. I pray that all is well with you and blessings will continue to shower your home.

I hope that next year, I will have more people to thank to.


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