A Rosy Life

On October 16, 2006, a Korean drama hit the Philippine primetime TV via the Kapuso Network, GMA Channel 7. It is entitled “A Rosy Life. This drama series, with 24 episodes, was shown in Korea sometime in October until November of last year. An avid viewer myself, the show becomes my late-night delight.


A story of awakening for a deceitful husband who repels his wife’s love and care for a gold-digging mistress.

A story of hope for an ill-fated cancer patient who refuses to see the sun shines and the moon beams.

A story of devotion for a sibling who never fails to reciprocate the unconditional love showered to her by her sister.

A story of life. ..being short as it is.


24 thoughts on “A Rosy Life

  1. my family loves the story of this “rosy life”, we watch this every night, a different story to watch.. very touching..
    we’re very excited of how the story will end.
    more power to “korea novela”..

  2. It’s good to hear that some are watching it too. I indulge myself with this TV series (it’s shown very late..at around 10.00pm) ’til I fall asleep. The hardest thing of having insomia..tsk tsk!

  3. used to hate Ramon but in the end we love him for his new found extraordinary love for Betsy. its just sad people change too late.

  4. Mommy Eve: Yes, too late for him. I dunno…if it’s just human nature to change (for the better) whenever something bad happens. Regret is in the end. But you know, if there is one thing that we should get from this show is …loving and pampering ourselves even if we have our family to care to.

  5. heavy drama..
    very beautiful..
    i did get to watch the last episode,unfortunately, with a television with no sounds…:(
    so please kindly send me the things betsy said to ramon over the phone before she died?
    thanks a lot…:)

  6. iuam: The thing that struck me most is when she said (recorded in Ramon’s cellphone), “…tinupad mo ang pangako mo, ang buhay na puno ng rosas..”. That explains the title of the show…”A Rosy Life”.

  7. hi, gurl! missed ya at 360.
    i have the chance to watch the series and i can say that i can RELATE very much, lolz
    being left for another woman really sucks!
    glad i had moved on fast and enjoying my freedom now. now i can say….eat his heart out!!! hahaha….
    im much happier and cant complain cuz i jave all my kids with me- my precious treasures!
    keep in touch, ting!

  8. Jazmine: I m so sorry to hear that. Everything happens for a reason. What could been more relieving that having your own children in your own turf? I am happy that you have moved on fast.TC! See you around…

  9. To all my avid co-viewers of A Rosy Life:

    Every now and then my family and I wonder what happened to Betsy in the end of the drama series. We have no idea really because we all left for New Zealand (16 December 2006)at a time when Betsy was ailing with Cancer and Ramon insisting himself to look after his sick wife. Please give us ideas on the following items:

    * So Betsy died, how did Ramon, Ramon’s mama, sister and Aunty, and Betsy’s parents and siblings cope with the lost of the heroine?
    * Did Kelly finally end up with Doggy Bone?
    * Is Doggy Bone really a professional Doctor as what he wanted to be called?
    * With all the financial and losses, how did Ramon rise up to the banckruptcy he so seriously suffered?
    * Finally, how did Betsy accept her fate?

    Guys and gals, mga tsokaran kay Betsy dyan sa Pinas, sana naman ma-update nyo kami dito sa NZ dahil talagang naghahanap kami ng tugon sa mga katanungang nabanggit sa itaas. Hintay namin precious comments nyo. Email nyo ko at pcvconsult@gmail.com. God bless everyone and thanks a lot.


  10. Hello Gen,

    So Betsy died, how did Ramon, Ramon’s mama, sister and Aunty, and Betsy’s parents and siblings cope with the lost of the heroine?
    -As expected Ramon and his family repented and were so sorry. They helped in the financial matters. Ramon’s mother always prayed for Betsy’s miracle recovery. As for Kelly, her father and her mother, they were devastated. The brother in the US was never seen at all (in the show). The kids knew about Betsy’s condition even before she died.

    Did Kelly finally end up with Doggy Bone?
    -Yes, they got married even before Betsy died. They are one sweet couple.

    Is Doggy Bone really a professional Doctor as what he wanted to be called?
    -Yes, he is. He belongs to a family of doctors.

    With all the financial and losses, how did Ramon rise up to the banckruptcy he so seriously suffered?
    -It was not shown in the show on how he was able to rise from that burden. I was also wondering myself because it seemed like they were not broke at all (as shown in the last few episodes).

    Finally, how did Betsy accept her fate?
    -She died happily because of the love she got from people whom she expects do not love her at all.

    The show ended, Ramon and their 2 kids visiting Betsy’s tomb and smiling (a sign that they have accepted Betsy’s death already and have move own with their lives)… and Kelly and Doggy Bone holding hands while looking at Ramon and the kids.

    I hope that helps. 🙂 Thank you for dropping by.

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  12. i didnt watched the start of this show and looks like im watching the near ending it really touches my heart even cried. this korean novela shows us to learn different sort of life!for betsy she is the best sister in the world!

  13. so sad >< she gave up in real life.. rest in peace choi jin shil aka betsy . we filipinos really appreciated you. thank for the movie,and may you find peace.

  14. where can i watch the full episode of “a rosy life” ..please?
    i really wanna watch it again ..i wasn’t able to watch the last episodes ..
    thanks a lot ..

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