Sun Cellular, where the sun never shines!


Being in the long distance relationship, I need a telephony network that suits my budget.

More than two years ago, a new cellular network emerged in the market. SUN CELLULAR. Undoubtedly, they have the lowest IDD rate (about 30 cents per minute) in the country, As for the network coverage, it proved to be questionable. But still, I went to their business center in Robinson’s mall in Cagayan de Oro and inquired about it. I was told by the customer representative that their network is very stable and wide especially the place where I live and work. Confident of their services, I subscribed for a regular plan.

For my whole 2-year contract, I am never satisfied with their services. It is such a pain in the neck. It is the worst decision I made in my life. I discontinued using my sim pack (regular line) on the second year though I am still paying its monthly service fee. Yes, I am paying something that I am not enjoying. What can I do? Their network coverage is inconsistent and poor (as if I need to climb a coconut tree just to get a full bar). Not only that, they have the WORST billing system. Yesterday, I went to their business center to have my line officially disconnected. Guess what? They billed me a mountable amount, which was contrary to what they told me over the phone. I was so pissed. Then they informed me that there were months wherein they did not include the monthly service fee in my bill!! HELLO! I trusted their automatic billing system. You see, I do not normally check my bills detail by detail (not just the accountant type). When paying, I only refer to the last figure in the statement of account, that’s why I am fuming. Why can’t they just straighten out their whole system?

To all of you who are planning to get a Sun Cellular Plan, DO NOT DO IT. You are just digging your own grave. Do not be fooled with their enticing promotions. In fact, there is this online petition created to address this issue. Just click this link.


12 thoughts on “Sun Cellular, where the sun never shines!

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  2. I suffered the same fate, I applied for easy line 250p the billing sucks! I seldom recieved billing notice.I paid on the 27th of october the cut off date is 28th(base on the their advisory recieved via SMS) never get the 100p reward. I informed the call center (220) of sun all I get to them is a word to monitor it for 3 days after a long wait.I started informing them dec.8 upto now no reward and I have not recieve any advisory or billing statement via SMS to them. SUN cellular is not a good service provider. I DONT SUGGEST IT. lucky for me its an easy line……

  3. naranasa kong tumawag sa 220. and promise 30years bago ko nakausap ang SUPPPPPERRRR busy nilang representative! DAMN!

    panay boses ni iya ang nadidinig ko puro commercial… sabay sa dulo sasabihin ng automatic operator: “Lahat ng aming costumer service rep ay may kasulukuyang ginagawa, maari lamang ay maghintay sa susunod” pasok commercial ni IYA! ohhhh shet!

    tapos makakausap mong CSR parang tanga.

    ngayon ang SIM ko ayaw gumana! kakaload ko lang kahapon nag error akala ko phone ko may problema, pero SIM pala! buti n lng di ako nagpaload ng 150! buti 20 lang damn it!

  4. hay. grabe talaga ang problema sa sun cellular.
    just this week yung hubby ko nakareceive ng bill from sun. and take note..pang 3 months na yung bill..when in fact, ni wala nakuha si hubby na phone or any information na approved siya for his application.

    nakakaloka di ba?!

    nireklamo na namin sa sun shop pero. ang nakakainis pa, sabe sa sm manila auto activation ang nangyare kaya nagkabill din siya..since naka company application daw ( e individual ang inapply-an niya!). sabe naman sa sun shop sa MOA, kelangan pa raw magbayad ng certain fee ang isang subscriber para iactivate ang line! pero ang question is, pano nangyare na 3 months na pala activated yung line, at wala man lang nagiinform na approved pala!

    grabe!parang nanloloko lang ng tao!application process pa lang sablay na! ano pa kaya pag ginagamit na mismo ang linya nila! tsk

  5. sun re-activated my old number sa ibang subscriber… nadiscover ko lang when my mother texted me through that number at may nagreply… freaky talaga… nagpanic ako kasi akala ko nawala yung phone ko, until nakita kong yung dating sun ko pala yung tinext ng nanay ko at nagrereoly. nasakin yung old sim.

  6. I got sun subscriptions for my me and my mom for convenience. We have to live with the crappy signal and the dropped calls, to a point that sometimes it has become acceptable, but alas, I have my Smart line as well so I can’t help but complain. I hope they can do something about it. Hello, ang dami na kaya nilang subscribers. Ano ba naman na ayusin muna yung infrastructure?

  7. grabe. im applying for a plan 350 with free phone pero rejected daw ako dun. instead, they said na na-accept daw ako sa 350 rin na promo nila. i mean, WTH! same amount lang yun, bakit hindi ako tinanggap sa 350?!?! the main issue lang naman is kung makakapagbayad ako o hindi ng 350. sobrang bull. 350 din pala yung inaalok nila sakin bakit di nalang nila i-grant yung inapplyan ko. bobo.

  8. Kala ko naman porket prepaid yung sim ko sa sun, less hassle. Nagload ako ng P300 using their call card tapos yung load napunta sa ibang account daw. Inemail ko yung customer service nila, sabi nila ibang phone daw ang nagload even after I send them scanned copy ng receipt at ng call card. Ilang beses ko silang inimail nagthethank you lang sila, di nila dinidiscuss yung scanned images na sinend ko. Fail.

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