Reality TV

Tonight is TV marathon night. I just finished watching the last eviction episode of “Pinoy Dream Academy”’. I am relieved that thin-skinned Rosita and unappealing Yvan were ousted.

I just can’t endure Rosita’s sensitiveness to the extent that it becomes OA (over-acting) and irritating. Yvan is cool; needless to say, he does not possess the charisma needed to entice the audience to listen to him sing. He is talented, but talent is not enough to make it big in the industry wherein looks count.

Finally, the Headmaster’s Honor List of 6 were named…Jay-R, Chad, Yeng, Ronnie, Panky and Irish.

Before this, I indulged my myslef viewing Survivor: Cooks Islands. Well, I have grown to like Argus-eyed Ozzy every episode. He is the petite and sweet-looking Latino, but he swims like a dolphin and climbs like a monkey. He is cunning too. Too bad, Jonathan was voted out tonight. He is the wisest choice for the final 2, considering that he has made quite a number (or all) of the jury despise him. If he will be taken to the final 2, surely, the other person will win the $1M. Wrong choice, Godfather Yul.

Two reality TV shows from two different countries that I adore. No soap operas for me, please!


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