Struggling With Body Obsession

Ana Carolina PrestonAna Carolina PrestonAna Carolina Preston

Black clouds covered the modeling industry just recently. Ana Carolina Reston, a Brazilian model lost her battle against anorexia nervosa and bulimia in a San Paolo (her homeland) hospital. She was a model for renowned agencies like Ford, Elite and L’Equipe. She died at the tender age of 21, carrying 88 lbs. in her 5’8 frame. She had a tomato-and-apple diet for couple of months before her various organs failed, causing her tragic death.

Actually, she is the second anorexic model reported to have died in 2006. A Uruguayan model, Luisel Ramos, died at the age of 22, after suffering heart attack due to a three-month lettuce-and-diet-coke diet. She died during a stint in Uruguay, just after she finished her catwalk.

Nowadays, the fight against super(thin)models is emerging in the fashion industry. However, banning of skinny models does not work. For centuries, the industry is somewhat telling us that thin is beautiful. It is rare that we get to see plus size models. If you have seen Tyra Bank’s “America’s Next Top Model“, there was this pluz size model wannabe who reached the top (I forget her name). Well, I was glad to see her there. I just hope that parents are vigilant in imparting to their children that death is the prize to pay if we don’t take care of our body.
Why I am blogging about this? Well, I just want to say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is not skin-deep, and definitely, not being super thin.


21 thoughts on “Struggling With Body Obsession

  1. You are so right about ¨Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder¨. The problem is that some many people have been programmed for what beauty should be not what it is to the individual and thus we have the problem of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. I find who a person is not what they are more important. The young and beautiful facade fades in time and soon your are left with who you are.

  2. You hit it again, Mr. Dead.
    Physical beauty fades, but never a person’s individuality. In one way or another, everyone of us desires to have a model-like attributes. Sad to say, not everyone is endowed.
    But you know, some of these superthin models are doing it (dieting errr starving) in the name of prefession and money. Not all models are born with a silver spoon, and so it becomes their bread and butter. To stay in the biz,which dictates that thin is ideal, they have to be in the same wavelength.

  3. I am sure they are, but, are you ready to die for your profession? I am not. I suppose there are always people out there that will take it to far. My job is my job and that is all. I like doing it, but, there are limitations to what I will do for it. As far as I am concerned my work time is not my time but someone elses. When I am not working it is my time. To many people forget this little fact. Those that survive the modeling biz I think realize this fact. I hope you do as well.

  4. Mr. Dead: Reality bites. Some people are just happy doing unusual things, which makes life interesting.
    When we work, we no longer own our time and space. Some work for the money, some their own sanity. it just so happen that these models are working in a field wherein physical beauty is the foremost priority.

  5. Your right. Nothing wrong with doing unusual things, and yes it does make life interesting and I have done many unusual things in my life. I guess I just do not understand the “physical beauty is the foremost priority” mentallity and it is my own failing. We each have a life to live and we chose are own paths.

  6. Mr. Dead: Oh, don’t tell me that you don’t find yourself checking out your appearance in the mirror.
    Everybody has this little voice inside us that says, “I am pretty good-looking”. Also, nobody is brutally frank that one is not, unless he is born arrogant.

  7. as long as the media keeps exposing overtly skinny girls, the audience will thrive on the same outlook, the designers will create dresses fit for Barbie dolls, the fashion people will act as police to those who show a bulge on their tummies, the media will expose super skinny girls…

    sigh. it’s going to be a vicious cycle. because as much as we hate to admit, some of us would rather be identified as beautiful, hot, and sexy rather than be tagged as the brainy counterpart.

  8. Krista: If nobody patronizes fashion, by now, it would have died a natural death. But the industry keeps growing and growing, it is a clear indication that truly, people like seeing pretty, hot, and sexy models. It is also common that nerdy people tend to disregard fad and fashion.

    Thanks for dropping by, Krista.

  9. I find it sad that society has endowed being stick thin in order to be beatiful. This only endangers the lifes of the many female teens who are struggling with their self esteem.

  10. Models, particularly runway models, are required to be thin because it flatters the clothes they show. But the catwalk isn’t the only area a model-wannabe can go into. There’s print(which only requires that one be photogenic), modelling for tv ads, even for plus size clothes, to name a few options.

    Nowadays, it seems that the beauty and fashion industries are thriving more because of the hype, and from promoting personalities who shouldn’t have any business being there. It’s about the designer who gets to dress the most notable celebrities walking down the red carpet. It’s all about the supermodel who gets all the attention, the priviledges, the cash, and has the look to die for. And not necessarily for the art. It has become a “free for all”, and we are left confused whether what is being given us is still art, and done in good taste or actually pseudo-art which makes us fashion victims, to say the least. And suggests to us that we can only be considered beautiful/handsome if we are like this girl and that guy.

    It used to be that the models were hired because they not only had the skill, but were naturally endowed with physical qualities that flatter whatever clothing or contraption the artists put on them. Now we have models who make false representations about their weight(and therefore have to go on unhealthy diets), just to get into a job they are not qualified to get into in the first place.

    Not everyone can be models, or model-like. Young women (and men) should be made aware of this fact. And models, too, should be made aware that they have the obligation to properly take care of their bodies, for which they were hired.

  11. Jun, I am in awe reading your comment in this post. I agree to all of it.BTW, you write well. I like your choice of words, very descent. I am proud having bloggers like you dropping a note in my little blog.TC!

  12. i was once again reminded not to engage in any eating disorder. I was once became bulimic and anorexic. I had problems right now with my excretory system. I just recently attended a seminar, it was told that 81% of the Filipinos wants to be fit. Being fit doesnt mean being super thin. To be fit is to be healthy.

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