A Moment of Filipino Pride

Today is a Filipino national day! The Grand Finale has ended in sweet victory for us!

The Filipino, once again, won victory in Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada just hours ago. Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao (Philippines) has made us proud again. The fight with Eric “El Terrible” Morales (Mexico) proves that. Pacquiao, with his cunningness and powerful (left-hand) jabs, knocked out the renowned Mexican boxer in the third round. I am not a boxing fanatic, but I found myself glued to our boob tube this morning just to witness this most talked-about fight.

Pacquiao, a household name, in the Philippines is one true hero. He is an epitome of hope to those Filipinos born with no fortune and drenched in poverty.

As for Morales, his defeat could be the beginning of the slump of his boxing career. I am just glad the he took his defeat fair and square, like a true athlete.

I would also to commend another Filipino athlete, who showed to the whole world, that we could be winners too. He is no less than the World Pool Champ himself, Ronato Calamba Alcano.

By the way, billiard and boxing are two “larong-kanto” (street games) in the Philippines. I am just wondering why we are so good at it.


4 thoughts on “A Moment of Filipino Pride

  1. So, Pacquiao is also a renowned gambler eh. Well, he has tons of $$$$$. Anyhow, I just hope that he won’t enter politics. Philippine politics is just plain dirty! National or local…all the same!

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