BIR Sex Scandal

Just this evening, I received a forwarded email, entitled “BIR CDO”, from my sister. At first, I thought that it was just another “sweet and thoughtful” forwarded message. When I clicked it open, I saw a familiar face. Her face radiated an aura of youthful beauty. Serenity and calmness was seen in her almond-shape eyes. I envied her. Such a pretty face.

As I scanned my screen, lower and lower, I was tongue-tied in disbelief! Right before my very eyes, I saw a kitten unfolding into a tigress. Such a disgrace! The pretty face was unmasked. Her true color showed. She is a star, a star in a sex scandal.

You may be asking why such a reaction to a common (popularized by Paris Hilton) scandal. Well, I know the girl. She was a high school schoolmate and a neighbor. She was popular and cool. She was a beauty queen. She is a mother and a wife (but the man in the video is not her husband *sad*). But all went to the dump, because of a moment of stupidity and a lapse of judgment.

*Sigh* Life is such hard to fathom.


55 thoughts on “BIR Sex Scandal

  1. I don´t know. We all make mistakes. It is the price we pay for making these mistakes that seems to take all the ¨press¨. It is not our place to pass jugdement on these situations no matter how unfortunate. It could easy happen to me or you. You may not think so, but, I am sure that is what the people involved thought as well. Do we really need to judge them? What we really need to do is learn from their mistakes and not try to make them ourselves. And that sounds easier than it is.

  2. Definitely, we do not have the slightest right to pass judgment on anyone.We can not be perfect and immaculate. However, wee can minimize (better yet, supress) the hidden “insanity” in us, especially when it gives hurtful consequences to our love ones.

    Well, for me, infidelity is a crime. LOL!

  3. A crime, seems a little harsh. I have to say I am not a fan of infidelity that is for sure and can not imagine doing it myself but it has happened to me in the past. Selfcontrol is a must especially when it will affect the ones you love. So many people seem to lose that ability or do not care to even bother with it. I guess all we can do is be the best we can be and leave the entertainment to those who do not care.

  4. I cannot comments yet because I have not seen the picture of them. All I can say is that we are all subject to temptation to commit that kind of sin. let us not condem them, we have to pray for the savings of thier souls from eternal hell. In the Bible many tax collector got save because they accepted they are sinners and ask God for the forgiveness of thier sins.
    My only advice for them is to kneel down rigth now and ask the Lord Jesus to wash thier sins by His precious blood and invite Him to come in thier hearts and be thier Lord and Master.

  5. Mr. Dead: I am in agreement with you. We falter once in a while, and it’s not a crime. Yeah, it is harsh for me to say. But that is just simply my opinion. Should I keep my opinion to myself? Not for now eh…LOL! that’s why I have this blog..LOL!Be warned though, I could be unfair at times. I air my opinions freely but I don’t take other people’s opinion of me by heart. Well, it is just me.

  6. Purified: Having sex is not a sin at all, but being unfaithful to your spouse is. Oh well, we all have our own set of morals. What I wrote is clearly misinterpreted by some or perhaps, wrong choice of words on my part. Whatever it is, I just hope that all people are happy. Of course, all of us are imperfect..and so we have to live with that.:-)

  7. To tingting rimart:You are right being unfaithful to your spouse is a sin but when we say its a crime the court will be a judge to that.That is just a rule that they made for anyone, who’s capable of doing it.I mean people can take a step or two to think it over if they’ll do it or not.Some have more guts than the others so, thats what happened to them.Either you get caught while acting stupid with your ‘kalaguyo’ or just like what happened to bir scandal.

  8. alesson4us: Yeah, guys who do it just have to be cautious so the wife won’t know.LOL!

    Don’t take the word “crime” literally. I’ts just a term to describe the intensify of my dislike to traitor spouses.

  9. Once a scandal video is passed on through email, Yahoo groups, forums, blogs, or file-hosting sites, there is no way you can stop it. You cannot even sue these websites because they are protected by the US Communication Decency Act of 1996. If your scandal video, for example, has been posted on a blog on, Blogspot will not remove it because of this legal protection.

    I guess the BIR sex scandal pictures posted on is covered by this Decency Act

  10. Tingting… kinuha ko yung mga pics dahil may resolution ang city mayor na ipapa kulong daw ang sino mang mag post ng pictures thru internet. kaya ayun kinuha ko nalang yung picture…

  11. We all are entitled to make mistakes, everything we do is with a reason. Sometimes the reason may not be acceptable by others but once we take action this affect greatly how people judge us. But as an open minded and concern person we should accept the fact just move on to what is best for us and others.

    Hope you can share the picture, also. Thanks

  12. Thanks Ricky, Robstroy and EAkino for your replies.
    Yes, the BIR scandal surely died a natural death. As what Robstroy said, posting of the pics scandal are already legally prohibited.

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  15. Sigurado si ELIZA GUEVARRA yan kc malandi yn nsa BIR Taguig branch n sya, sya yung nakipag sex sa asawa ko dhl pwd dw sya kabit kht alam nya n bukod s my aswa n ay my gf pa mister ko eh tlgang pinatulan p rin nya dhil galante dw at my bf din naman dw sya kya pareho sila naggagamitan pero wla mwla s aswa ko dhl lalake yn. Kadiri sya la respeto sa sarili, baboy, binebenta katawan.

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