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Hello co-bloggers!!!

I would like to share with you a site, which I commend for being supportive to brainy and talented yet financially deprived public high school graduates in my country. Actually, it’s not the site, it’s the organization itself.

It is very well noted that the standard of Philippine education is slumping as time progresses. Each year, it records a large number of hopefuls, and a larger margin for the “hopeless”. Blame it in our corrupt government officials, who do nothing but bashing each other’s head in prime time news and stealing from our hard-earned taxes.

With this organization, which prevails in Ateneo universities, hope and chance of success is offered within an arms-length. Actually, its Program Coordinator (fondly called as Ms. Cua-cua in XU) was a speaker in one of my “Development of Entrepreneurs” classes about a month ago. This is where I got the idea that this organization-for-a-cause existed in my very own turf. I thank Mr. Awa (our professor) for bringing the ever down-to-earth Ms. Cua-cua in the class. Indeed, it was an inspirational and eye-opening talk.

Note: This is the link.


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