Blogging 101

As beginners, we are always faced with the problem on how we shall “behave” and “get noticed” in blogosphere. So many questions will remain unanswered if we cling to being naive and invisible to the rest of the bloggers all over the web. Blogging is also marketing. We may not be selling products or services, but we somewhat “sell” our thoughts and ideas. A blog is not a blog without a traffic. A blog is a NOT blog if NO ONE reads it. So now, we need to know its 101’s.

The simplest and inexpensive way of learning it is right through our very own computer screen. What is it? Well, surfing the net that is! Been there, done that. I started with a “zero” idea on blogging, but after quite sometime of reading blogs from people I don’t personally know or people who don’t even care about my existence. My unlimited dial-up keeps me connected with the world. See? It’s not that much. I must be a blogging freak or something. Ask me about the current events in my country, surely, I will throw you one of my famous “question mark” looks. All I know is that I find passion in techie stuffs and human interest stories (that explains why I also watch Oprah), but not terrorism and watching our corrupt government officials.

As what the Scobleizer’s author shared ,Robert Scoble and his wife Maryam, during the Blog Business Summit in Seattle last week, there are “10 Ways to a Killer Blog“. Take it from them, they are owner of the hottest blog in WordPress. Since I was not there (perhaps in the future), I would like to borrow a post from another renowned blogger, Paul Chaney, owner of “Blogging Systems“, recounting what he learned from the event. To get noticed….

1. Blog because you want to. Blog from the heart. Blog with substance.

2. Read and comment other blogs. Be friendly. Don’t be a lurker.

3. Pick a niche you can own. Blog something of your interest, so you can confidently share.

4. Link to other blogs. Link, link, link. Don’t be shy of asking the support of other blogs.

5. Admit mistakes. Self-explanatory (winks).

6. Wrote good headlines. Attention-getting and catchy headlines can get you to places.

7. Use other media. Don’t be boring. Be creative.

8. Have a voice. (this one, I can’t really understand…sorry)

9. Get outside blogosphere. Share you link even to other means, like forums and networking sites (Ss this correct, Mr. Scoble?).

10. Market yourself. As stated above, blogging is marketing. How do we market ourselves? Well, you need to learn Marketing 101 for that.

That’s all for now, folks. I hope that you learn something from a nobody in blogosphere.Farewell.


14 thoughts on “Blogging 101

  1. Excellent, more good information for us novice bloggers and where to find it thanks. I was thinking the same thing about how to blog. In fact I read the very same article. I am not much on marketing my own blog since it is more for my personal benefit and my friends. And I think a lot of those in blogsphere are of the same persuasion when it comes to exposure. But even for the local readers (friends and family of the blogger) the information and encouragement provided in the articles and your blog is well worth the read. Thanks again.

  2. My Yahoo 360 blog is a personal site. Not for profit and I like that. The page layouts are great for someone who knows nothing about blogging or computers for that matter. The true value of the Yahoo 360 is the way friends are connected. Its like a village coffee shop in Winter Park.

    I also have a blog where there is the ability to make money. But, the layout at blogspot is kinda weird. It is not as friendly as Yahoo. So I do most my writing for free.

    Happy Trails … Buzz

  3. Hello Buzz! Nice to see you around here. I also use my Y!360 for my day-to-day (or weekly**winkx*)experiences and thoughts. it’s more like candid in essence. Whereas here, I am kinda serious and inspirational (tsar!). No ads, of course. But I am trying to hook-up some widgets here, and I still in process of finding out how to do it. TC, pal!

  4. Karen, you should! I have read your blog in Friendster, I tell you, it is very well written and very hard to fathom because of “never-before-heard” words.LOL! Surely, it depicts the smart Karen I know in high school.

  5. The nickname comes from one of my favorite writers Edward Gorey. It is a character in one of his strories. He was a local writer here on Cape Cod aka Massachusets New England USA. And yes he was kind of creepy but brilliant. Thanks again for the informative post.

  6. Hello Chaplain Andrews.I am in full agreement with you. Keeping it short, so as not to bore the reader. I hope that I did not break that “unwritten” rule.Thanks for dropping a comment!Take care!

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