What Gives??!!

Heck. I know what I am doing. I know what I am thinking. I know what I am saying.

Who are you to judge me?

A pea-size brain? That, I don’t have! Dang, the last thing that I want is being maliciously treated like a plague. Yes, I have the longest fortitude in the whole wide world, but this does not give you the permission to say what you want to say. So, you don’t like me? Keep your  opinion to yourself. I don’t need it. I may have the calloused skin of a third world country, but I hold a mind of the superior race (if there is). Never fear, for I won’t bite you in your back. You just lost one soul who marvels with your dexterity. Admiration is gone. Sorry.
You’re right. I have my own share of stupidity and tenacity. Now, cast your stones, if you think you are not. CAST! We all live in this world, trying to survive all atrocities in life. What gives? We all need to eat, sleep and rest. Would it cost so much to respect each other’s own little space? You want my respect, respect me.

Yes, I am venting and ranting. And so?

*Sigh*I hope this will all end sooner than it should. I wish my husband is here to comfort me in times like this…a time to fume.


7 thoughts on “What Gives??!!

  1. Whew! You’ve just said everything I’ve wanted to say to someone who has just really pissed me off…..you go mama!

    You are MY new hero!

    Te amo…xoxox


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