Losing A Friend


Silence. A deafening silence.

A tear trickles in my chocolate-skinned cheek as I bethink a convivial face in my past. A face emanating with humility and sweetness.

How can I forget?

I yearn for the days, when friendship is at its greatest, laughter at its loudest, and tears at its lowest. I crave for the words of wisdom and the mind-boggling tales that invaded my raw mind.

How can I forget?

I am wretched and tear-jerky, for I have lost a friend. A friend, who I adore and cherish ‘til my days are numbered. I wasted the trust and care unconditionally offered of an open palm.

Am I such a fool?

In wishful thinking, forgiveness will soon rule the cold-but-soft heart and friendship will rekindle like a candle in a dimly lit way….s0 I can reach out my hand and say,



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