Simple Abundance

At 4.30am, my alarm clock rang like a banging door in my ears. Nevertheless, I slept some more. Somebody whispered in the midst of my half-consciousness.

“Wake up, and go there. You will see the greatness of my creations.”

I woke up, groomed myself and rode a jeepney on the way to Divisoria. I could barely see the street, darkness concealed the sky. Even so, people started to embrace the new day. Some were like me, waiting for a ride and some just finished their night escapade.

At 4.55am, I finally snagged a ride. When the jeepney hit Divisoria, my classmates were almost complete. I was beaming with embarrassment for I was late. To my relief, some were not yet there and so we waited, and waited. Waiting time stretched into an hour, which proved to be very humiliating to our van’s driver. Being MBA students, we are trained to be entrepreneurs; hence, time should be treated like gold. In this case, it’s contrary to what was expected of us.

At 6.00am, we hit the road. With smart and jolly people, the journey was loud and gay. It was a bonding moment for some of us, and for some, just a mere completion of a requirement.

Let me start my inspirational account by saying, “God is so good”

First Fruits Farm…. a bit of heaven of earth….as what our professor described it.

True enough, it is heaven on earth. Everything is simple, just like the Garden of Eden. Fruit-bearing trees, ponds teeming with different fresh-water fishes, sprouting coffee beans, swaying sugar canes, cholesterol-packed durians, vast pineapple plantation, name it, they have it in their 300+ hectares of fertile land. Striking fact is, the owners hailed from the big city of Makati. They are the Gamboa’s. The wife was the head nurse of St. Luke Hospital, and the husband was a successful mechanical engineer, when they decided that the unattended land, which owned by the husband’s family, had so much to offer. Their dream started 37 years ago, when Bukidnon was still a haven to some government leftist groups, and a nightmare to the commoners who dwell in it.

To cut the story short, they have achieved what they dreamt of, establishing a community of God-fearing people and sharing whatever abundance God has showered them. Everything is set like a paradise, free from the stressful scenes of the city. The workers may have little of financial resources, but they are living a life of SIMPLE ABUNDANCE. They breathe God, they speak of God, and they devote all their blessings to God. Yes, it may seem like a Utopian dream, but nothing could go wrong if you are with God. The Gamboa family exudes love of God, and love to our fellowmen. For they believe that, “They do not love are who can not express love”. With all four children having lucrative professions, they continue to serve the less fortunate. It is not just obeying the sacred commandments, but keeping it to the deepest part of their hearts. The families of the workers are united by the same faith. From the youngest to the oldest member, all love and respect each other. Family first, so to speak, for no other success can compensate for failure in the home.

Being an entrepreneur is not just having sky-rocketing profits or owning a multiple-storey building. It is about the proper utilization of the resources given by the Almighty Father to help people in need.

Let me end this testimony by saying, “when we handle ourselves, use our heads; when we handle other people, let us use our heart”.


9 thoughts on “Simple Abundance

  1. Hi,

    I am Jo, second daughter of Tony and Olive Gamboa…thank you so so sooo much… your blog was very encouraging…Mom and Dad read it!!!


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