“Something Wonderful Will Happen To Me Today”

The supremacy of positive thinking in one’s life will thrust him to cling into his faith, regardless on where fate leads him.

Last night, we had our second meeting for our Development Entrepreneurship class. I was almost not permitted to enter the campus for the sole reason of not complying with the university’s prescribe clothing. According to the student’s handbook, what I wore was beyond the yardstick of decency. Sigh! I begged the guard to let me in, and she succumbed to my pitiful plea.

Our professor, an AIM MBA graduate in his 50’s, started the class in his usual low-key voice with a Bible visible in one hand. “What would a Bible be doing in a Business Management class?”, I stealthily asked a seatmate. In reply, she laid a sheet on my desk. Well, it was the syllabus. After sorting it, my eyes rested on the text, “The Parable of the Talents”. Of course, it must be part of the assignment. Stupidity struck me again, which in fact, near to irresponsibility as I was non-existent in the same room a week ago.

The lecture stretched to an hour, two hours, and then, three hours. To my surprise, he did not release us until 10.00pm. The discussion twisted into somewhat like a Religious Study, with a tinge of Values Education, class. Though it was a very enlightening, I saw boredom in the air. Some were near to snoring. At one point in the discussion, our professor nonchalantly uttered something about the “power of positive thinking” and “faith”. Being a Mormon for years, he could be considered as a pious churchgoer. He usually sings his own praises. He tells success stories of people within his circle, over and over again. He has a brilliant mind. He has a very interesting life, at least, to the people who know him. There is one statement that really entrenched in my mind. He said that he always says, “Something wonderful will happen to me today!” every morning, after saying his prayer.

A positive outlook will lead us to a happy life. We may be tussling with problems of all sorts; this will give us strength in our faith, not only in a religious denotation. This entails having unconditional and unquestioning belief that there is a divine intervention, in any form. However, a faith with no work is DEAD. Hence, we are still in-charge of our own fate. As what the Filipino reality-tv show, Starstruck, says, “dream, believe, and survive!.

Our life is like a bed of roses. There are thorns that we should watch out for. After all, a rose without a thorn is NOT a rose. These thorns complete the whole picture. A person, who sees its beauty and does not care about the thorns, views life optimistically. It can be said too, that a life with problems is wonderful.

That’s the power of positive thinking.



8 thoughts on ““Something Wonderful Will Happen To Me Today”

  1. Attitude, as you have heard many times, is every-thing. That theory has been written in thousands of books, spoken to millions of people, and driven deep into your mind. Why? It’s true.

    Hi,ting hope ur fine,i have read ur blog and i wanna comment on it coz there will be very less persons we meet in our life u have a positive attitude so i wanna tell for every body wat this positive attitude mean
    Your attitude is your own personal filter for every-thing that happens to you, around you, or within you. What takes place in this world is not as important as how you view it.

    You cannot choose what will happen to you. You cannot guarantee success and happiness for yourself. These things are out of your control. You can, however, choose how you feel about these things, about how you respond to these situations.

    With a positive attitude, you will have the ability to be happier each and every day, make others around you happier, and live a good life keep your positive attitude going.Have a Good day take care byeeeeeee.

  2. very well said pinky. i agree with all of what you have said.
    i assume, you are optimistic in life. take care always and have a pleasant day!

  3. Positive thinking is easier said than done specially when you are faced with many trials. Life is composed of many challenges, most of which takes the better of us most of the time. I think having a positive outlook in life is not merely looking at the positive side of things but also embracing the negative situations as well… after all they are what makes us strong.

  4. dear oprah,
    i agree to eveything you posted. indeed, there is always the negative side of life. either we like it or not, we have to experience it, regarless on what we have or who we are. however, we should not let our negativity consume our heart and soul. life is good. GOD is good.perhaps, you are right, it is better said than done, but for a person who has experience the lowest lows of her/his life, smiling at the saddest times will come naturally.
    thanks for dropping by at my site. i hope to read your comment often. take care always.

  5. Being on top of your own world requires taking on the resposibilities of others as well. You then become the life blood and provider for a segment of economy… Yet you’re corporate culture should always include a positive attitude and image or there will be no way to prosper. I wish you the best in your endeavors. I have Owned businesses that have failed, and some that have prospered for thier purpose. Sometimes failure is purpose built, so never fear the days to come, plan the ups and downs carefully and there will always be profit… As for now I am running a business that I am not incorporating the potential failure in the plan. Therefore my approach is different and my involvement with others is minimal. I only bring in people who support the cause now and not just those to “fill in the blanks”

  6. Let us not focus on how we shall meet our demise but rather on how we shall approach life on a day by day basis. Every new dawn should be greeted with revived hope and a refreshed view on our chalanges. We should all take just a few minutes in our mornings just to reflect on the fact that this morning I can try something different than the previous day. Only then can we expect changes in our lives. For how can we expect different results in our lives if all we do from day to day is the same.

    To My Darling wife….. Ting Ting

    From your loving husband….. K.I.S.A

  7. Hello Baby,
    You are sooo deep with your words. Thank you for the “revived hope” and the “refreshed views” you have imparted in my life. As carefree as I am now, you taught me to be cautious with all of my actions. I am always looking forward to the new ideals that you always share to me. With you, I feel that I have so much to learn with life. I am just sooo fortunate to have a smart, good-looking, and loving husband.

    I love you with every beat of my heart.

    Your wife,

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