Living At The Edge

Where in the world can you stumble on a house situated at the edge of a dike? Where else, in the Philippines!

In the face of political unrest and military dominion, our country became the hub of development of trade and industry in Southeast Asia in the late seventies. The stock market relished the escalating deflation of the peso currency. International trade teemed with investors like there was no tomorrow. On the other side of the fence, human violations were rampant and ever-growing. The seat of doom remained unbridled until the assumption of the charisma-gifted, Corazon Aquino, and then came a new set of public officials, who wore never-ending chains of ideals and platforms in their sleeves. Gladly, a new nation was born.

Not long after the new government took its oath, squatters have been sprouting like mushrooms anywhere in the cities even in places that are far from civilization. Poverty has been increasing due to the continuing struggle of our economy. The poor becomes poorer. The rich becomes richer. There is said to be an inefficient and ineffective distribution of wealth and power.

This picture portrays the diminishing quality of living in our country. Sad to note, we will become the worst country to live in, if we don not respond to the patriotic call to help each other sustain our development and to take care of the resources.


One thought on “Living At The Edge

  1. WOW! I had no idea what horrific conditions existed there. So much to be educated on. I love this website, btw, so much to read, and promise to read more when I get the chance. I did want to stop in and say a quick hello before running to the store.

    Take Care Ting….talk again soon!


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