Proposed Banning of the “The Da Vinci Code” in the Philippines, A Wrong Move!

This controversial movie has been gracing the national spreadsheets for quite sometime now and has launched debates among the religious and the governing body of our country. Is banning the right choice of the government to eradicate the foreseen challenge it will bring to the struggling Filipino Catholic faith?

 Let’s get analytical. The movie is rated R-18 by the MTRCB. However, no guarantee is evident that moviegoers are intellectually mature to successfully succumb to the intention of the author to impart artistry and creativity. Its proposed ban creates total media hype. In essence, it poses as a loud publicity scheme. It is crafted to create curiosity amongst the moviegoers, as well as pious parishioners of the Catholic Church, thus, flourishing the need to screen the movie. The emergence of controversies is a triumph to get the attention it craves to heap on in the box office.

Chaotic reactions from various sectors are raised and aired. It only denotes a rusty foundation of the Catholic faith and the deterioration of the dogmas. Clearly, it manifests a closed-minded stand of the religious sector. Blasphemy centers the concerns of the pro-ban party, indicating that the scandalous plots, which are never taught in church, could lead to confusion and destabilization of a two-thousand-year old belief. The novel is purely a fictional work of an intense and extreme imagination. It is nothing but a mean to exhilarate the human mind and to escalate the onset of profit on the producer’s pocket. Let us not be narrow-minded and be threatened by a movie that is far fetch from the reality.

Indeed, to ban it in our country is a wrong move.




3 thoughts on “Proposed Banning of the “The Da Vinci Code” in the Philippines, A Wrong Move!

  1. Hey Ting, Just checkin’ ASAWA… ngayon ko lang nabasa post mo. THat’s what i like about you, one strong woman!
    Wala na D.E.?
    Kisses kay Amber. Hey, first time visit ko dito sa blog mo. Thanks thanks thanks! I see my name here!
    I added yours over my cyberhome too. TC

    I’ll be back!

  2. Hello Honeylet,
    Thanks for dropping by. Sad to say, my relationship with D.E. is history na.Hindi na tayo pareha ng initials. LOL! But I am truly happy now (as in, zooper happy).Syempre nasa blogroll ka dito, you’re one of those nice people in ASAWA that i will always cherish. Take care to you and your hubby Dan. 😉

  3. Comment: I am an anti on that movie launching. What do u think are the motives of those that
    created that movie? It’s like they are trying to bother one’s faith!Catholic has the really
    the right choice!

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