Driven by the need to sustain our daily lives, we are, most likely, compelled to work and somewhat, earn a living regularly. If we are born with silver platters, chances are, we can venture into a business with ease and/or be the “instant” executive that everybody adores. However, most of us come from parents with tight budgets, and eventually, we wind up taking 8-to-5 jobs. No matter how demanding our works are, many would still choose to remain “stagnant”.  Well, this solely depends on the level of motivation you have as a person. Some have simple dreams. Some are just plain ambitious. Surely, management people are apprehending what I mean.  Is working for a multi-national company as a rank-and-file do you good? Are you secured with your current job? Are you no longer motivated? Well, there are tell-tale signs to know if, indeed, you are.

 As I was surfing the net this morning, I came across a particular article in Jobstreet.Com that really had my attention glued to the monitor. I would like to share this with you.


1 YOU FIND IT HARD TO GO TO WORK EVERY MORNING. You hit the snooze button repeatedly. You’re late for work, rain or shine, traffic or none. There can be bad days on the job, but you know it isn’t the right fit when the thought of work no longer thrills you.

2 THE THOUGHT OF A PAY RISE DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER. People complain about being underpaid, but once they negotiate a higher salary (based on their performance in the company, of course) they look at work with new and inspired eyes. If this isn’t the case, it’s time to be honest with yourself and ask what you really want to do.

3 YOUR JOB NO LONGER GIVES YOU A SENSE OF PURPOSE. When you believe your most menial tasks, such as filling out expense reports or making copies contributes to efficiency in your workplace, you’ve still got your mind and soul intact. But everything seems meaningless and a waste of time, that’s a sign to move on.

4 THERE’S NO ROOM TO LEARN NEW SKILLS. If you’ve asked for more challenging assignments but still feel stuck in a rut, you should seriously consider other options that will give you opportunities to build new skills.

5 YOU AREN’T SURE WHAT YOUR PLACE IS IN THE COMPANY’S FUTURE. If your boss does not give any indication of you playing a more important role in the company’s future, consider an alternative job.

6 THE COMPANY’S VALUES CLASH WITH YOUR PERSONAL VALUES. Do you feel a need to stand up to your personal ethical values and that some policies in your company make you uneasy? Do you consistently feel uncomfortable at your workplace, whether it’s personal conflict or a clash of ethics, try to talk to your boss about it. If nothing changes, start job-hunting. Making a move can be daunting, but life’s too short to live each day feeling trapped in a dead-end job. Be positive. Be proactive; think about what will make you happy. When getting out of the rut you are in, take time to think, and talk to mentors. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 





8 thoughts on “6 SIGNS IT’S TIME TO QUIT

  1. I think Job Titles /Cars /Boats /Houses and
    Money Never gave me a sense of Purpose
    To Be Honest The only thing that ever gave me
    a sense of Purpose in my life is GOD I have searched
    through all of my Possessions /Lovers /Accomplishments
    and Falliers But found nothing except THE LORD JESUS
    Gives Us Purpose

  2. I have experienced both sides of corporate life – being the slave to the machine and being the person pushing the buttons to make the machine work..and being the person who makes the machines. And while on different levels it can become a rut and a dull existence, it provides for people and myself and makes possible their small dreams. in some cases, as Im tryig to do, it makes possible far bigger dreams. But that takes dedication and time. I think perhaps that it is not always the desire to feed the capatilist financial infrastucture we are all so used to that turns people into the ones who are always late and find no challanges and think the process of quitting is the way to go. In my experience, influences that affect work and ability to work are generally outside the workplace itself of manifested in a profound sense of “them and us” and the unfairness of being the ones who turn the wheels when the the fat cats above them appear to do nothing and rake in the benefits. The golden handshake for the director means a huge salary they dont work for and all the perks, whereas the same golden handshake for the wheel turners is just that – a handshake. Its so easy to be blinkered by such thoughts that the whole concept of the wheel you are turning becomes meaningless. So you quit, move on, and are replaced by another newbie enthusiastic wheel turner who will eventually go the same way you did. Not everyone can be the influencers of culture; not everyone can be the entrepeneurs who’s vision of a better future far outweighs the time, effort and money required to build it. We all play a role and every role is as important as the next. If only the big companies that rule the world recognised this simple yet so ofetn overlooked fact. Maybe we’d have less wheel turners jumping ship to the same wheels the left but in a new location. Nothing is perfect, but give people the respect the deserve for the job they do in turning their own wheel and the whole world would benefit from happier people during those 9-5 hours. Thats what I think anyway. And Im turning my wheel as much as the next guy.

  3. Hey Tingting!

    Your words are so well put. I’m actually sapul with 5 out of the 6 and yes it is time to move on. I am in the process of moving on when I read this blog of yours.


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