“Mission Impossible III”

Last night, Amy and I watched the premiere night of Mission Impossible III at SM Mall. The number of viewers was not impressive as compared to the premiere night of the last Harry Potter movie.

Here is my synopsis.

The movie starts with the supposed last setting of the movie, which shows Secret Agent Ethan Matthew Hunt’s(Tom Cruise) wife Julia (Michelle Monaghan) beaten up by the main villain, Owen Davian (Philipp Seymour Hoffman) as pay-off of what the former did to him. It depicts a very creative kind of plot, which gives the viewer a curiousity-revealing face, while comprehending what the preceding scenes are. The whole movie is a complete virtual experience. As for Filipinos like me, who do not enjoy the blessings of a great technology, it is sure to set ideals and visions of how should the government create such impressive espionage system. Never frown, there is one thing common with our own system though. LOL! Abuse of power and treachery spice up the story. Selfish intentions of Musgrave (Billy Krudup), who is Ethan’s immediate superiors and his so-called “confidante”, runs the story. As for the action scenes, they are superbly done to increase the adrenaline level of the viewers. It also deals with the emotional sphere of an agent and on how dangerous it is to combat a man of intense influence and vicious criminal records.

Tom Cruise has kept us mezmerize with his boyish charm and very manly build.Trully, he remains one of the most promising actors of all time.

Lesson of the movie …know the people whom you should trust especially in a dog-eat-dog world.

P.S Maggie Q is amazing and very pretty!!!!!!!


One thought on ““Mission Impossible III”

  1. Been hopping from one blog to another, but i always have the energy to read yours
    I love the way see and say things. Great work!

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