Kingdom of Boredom


Boredom just sets in and swallows my whole being. The path that I am heading is no longer worthy of note. Day in and day out,I do nothing but stare at my lifeless computer monitor, and scrolling the immensity of the web. This is not the life I want. This is not the dream that I aspire for.

The least that I want, is being stationed in a four-wall room eight hours a day. Where is the young ambitious fellow that I have known?


I need to shift to a high gear. I need to do it fast, or else, I will gain endless years of wandering.


5 thoughts on “Kingdom of Boredom

  1. yah.yah…such a boring day everyday…how do we move out from this kingdom? ohwell, i know your plans…so, i must say, go for it! Best of luck then!

  2. Grab your life by the Tail and run with.
    Happiness is not in the Kingdom .
    where it is I dont have a clue.
    I haven’t found it wet
    But dont be afraid to search for IT
    Pray and ask Directions

  3. Dear Angel… Do not discourage for you have just reached the outer shell of your dreams.
    Keep the faith you were going in the right direction but have had your judgement clouded through outside
    interference. Sometimes people will say things that may affect your reaction especialy when you feel the way you expressed in your blog.
    You must look within yourself and find the real you. Many times certain events in our lives create confusion and so we at times chose to open to others our concerns only to be misled by advice with selfish motives leading only to further confusion. You are a bright and energetic individual and you have a very tender heart which may have become hard through dissapointment. So I say to you do not discourage for change is just around the corner. Never let anyone steal your dreams.
    The one reason people may mislead you is because reaching success only serves to remind others of there own failures.

    Forever K.I.S.A.

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