A Suggested Reading for the White Boss

This book is about management by culture. It is written primarily for managers and supervisors to help them understand better the cultural matrix of Filipinos values, work attitudes, and behavior. It is through the understanding of culture that better communication, good relationship, and increased productivity are achieved.

Too often, a business relationship suffers because managers, supervisors, and workers do not communicate well enough to work as a team. In most occassions, they talk in the same language and about the same thing, but they do not seem to understand one another. The meanings they give to what they say and what they do are not quite the same.

This is particularly true with respect to foreigners and foreign-trained Filipino executives. Their foreign education and training have significantly set them apart from the workers. Even locally trained Filipino managers are not exempted from this problem.

P.S “WHite Boss” refers to expat managers working in the Philippines. We had our company’s cross-cultural seminar last April 26, 2006, with the author himself, Felipe Landa Jocano, as the resource speaker. It was worth listening.


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