A Year Of Infidelity

As his feet touched the portal of the airport, a tear fell down in his blue glaring eyes. Sobbing in his shoulder, a tanned slim lady cried. She hugged him with all her might, shedding a tear of sadness and melancholic delight. It was such a gloomy day for anyone who wants to be gay. Leaving a broken-hearted lass is not a wonderful sight. A year of infidelity, a year of his wife’s misery. Such a sad bad story should not be written in history.

It all started one Friday evening, when boredom struck our darling. He went for a drink to a nearby bar, but never would he think that it would be a night so tempting. A beautiful young Filipina seated at the Cashier’s desk, that was all he needed to make his marriage at risk. He befriended her, and eventually, captured her. She thought that night, she saw an alluring knight. Never did she know that he would soon make her heart blue. They chatted, and enjoyed each other’s company, not knowing the he could be charged with bigamy. Nights and days had passed, they had enjoyed each other’s warmth. He bought her things, he bought her being. She left her past life, a life of living at the edge of the knife. She found a new love in the arms of a family man. Both were blinded, and kept their feelings one-sided. She loved him, he loved her, and that was all that matters.

Destiny had decided, he had to leave her side. Off to another country he went, with a heart to repent.


One thought on “A Year Of Infidelity

  1. Unfortunately, it does not take anything that tempting to put a marriage at risk. Our company catches chesters daily with our phone number search investigations. We hear from wives all the time about how things began so innocently and ended so badly.

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